Claiming an idea → from idea to launch

How can I claim an idea?

You can claim any idea by submitting a game to an idea. It doesn’t have to be a complete prototype, it can be ‘’in development’’ stage. As soon as you create a submission, other users will see that someone has already claimed it and is working on it.


Who can claim ideas and how?

In order to be able to claim an idea by submitting a game to it, having a prototype is necessary. Any user can claim any public idea as long as they have a prototype. This works on a first come first served basis.

What if I change my mind after having claimed a game?

If you would not like to work on an idea that you claimed anymore, please contact us so we can delete your submission. This makes the idea claimable by other users once again.

What is the process of an idea becoming a game?

First and foremost, the idea would need to be claimed by having a prototype submitted to it. Publishing managers of Homa can ask the studio for a prototype built on Homa standards. This would mean that the prototype should be bug-free, include a play time of around 10 minutes, and be of good quality.

Following this, the publishing manager tests this prototype and choose to agree or disagree on the build. If approved by a publishing manager, then the studio works on creatives to submit 6-8 ads that need to be tested on Facebook on Android using campaigns for 5 days with limited budget. If the game performs well on metrics, such as if it has good CPI, then it is moved to iteration.

If the metrics are not the best but the game still shows potential, then the game build and the creatives are reworked. This can be done a few times until the game finally show good metrics and goes to iteration; or if the metrics are still poor, then the game is dropped.

Once a game is in iteration, for a few weeks the game build is improved and monetisation is added. If the metrics are still good, then we move on to an official launch.

Do I get anything in return for having my idea claimed?

We do not have a public program for this but if you are interested, you can contact us about this and we can discuss.