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How does it work?

Fast Market Validation campaigns

Fast Market Validation module is used to get the first indication of marketability of a game. You simply need a video fragment which will be advertised on Facebook US. The duration of a video should not exceed 30 seconds.

  1. The test name will be fetched directly from the title of your video. Feel free to change it to something more meaningful.
  2. Use https://www.apple.com/ to redirect the users after they click on the video.

💡 As of 13th of November you should focus on the CPC data to analyse the performance of your video. The threshold being set for:
Below $0.18 → very good result
Between $0.18 and $0.20 → good result

Reminder: FMV results do not serve as a definitive decision-making tool for the fate of a game.

Campaign Facebook Setup

Budget: $100

Network: Facebook

Placement: Facebook Feed

Optimization: clicks

Click Redirection: Game reviews website

Target devices: All Android / iOS devices

Ad Account: Secret ad account