Game Design Document for studios

What is GDD?

A Game Design Document (GDD) is a detailed plan for a video game. It lays out the game's concept, mechanics, story, visuals, and technical details; providing a clear vision of what the final product should be. It's a roadmap that helps the development team stay aligned and build the game according to the intended vision.

GDD includes:

  • Short pitch
  • Main unique selling point
  • Game references
  • Core mechanics
  • Core loop & player’s main objective
  • Core progression
  • MVP deliverable expectations

How to create my GDD and how to upload it to Homa Lab

We are currently using this template in order to create a GDD. If you are requested to provide a GDD, please duplicate and modify the template based on your game.

Once finished, paste the link for your GDD on Homa Lab in:

Games → Submissions → [Your game] → Edit app details → Developer notes field