Games overview

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What is the purpose of the Games module?

The main purpose of this module is to allow the publishers, internal production teams, and studios to test their prototypes and measure their potential on a range of metrics: CPI, CTR, CVR, IPM, playtime, and retention. Users simply provide necessary app credentials, as well as the creatives, launch test campaigns, and review the results directly from Homa Lab (Submissions section). This tool saves users the campaign setup steps and makes it easier to share the results with the entire team.

The second purpose of the Games Module is to track the game and campaign performance of Published Games (Published section). Note that you only have access to this section once you have published a game with Homa.


If you're a Publishing Manager or part of the Internal Production team, you have the ability to submit games you'd like to test, add creatives, and launch those tests.

As other internal users, you can simply check the results of the tests conducted.

As an external user, you also have the option to submit games you'd like to test, add creatives, and view the results. However, please note that currently, tests must be launched by an internal user, specifically your trusty Publishing Manager (based on permissions).


Whether you're a Publishing Manager, part of the Internal Production team, or another internal user, you have the privilege to view the results of the campaigns launched by the UA managers. Additionally, you can also access valuable metrics that provide insights into the game's performance.

As an external user, you can conveniently view the results of both Lifetime budget campaigns and Test campaigns.


CPI: Cost Per Install. Ad spend divided by the number of installs → This gives an indication of the cost of acquiring new users. The lower the better.

IPM: Installs Per Mille. Number of installs for 1000 impressions. → This tells us the number of installs driven by a 1000 impressions. This is a good indication of the performance of the ad creatives. The higher the better

CTR/SUR: Click-Through Rate/Swipe-Up Rate. Number of clicks or swipes divided by the number of impression. → Percentage of users who saw the ad and clicked/swiped on it. This helps evaluates the performance of an ad campaign. The higher the better.

CVR: Conversion Rate. Number of installs divided by the number of clicks. → Percentage of users who installed the app after having clicked on the ad. This is used to measure how well an ad converted users. The higher the better.