Firebase Integration


By integrating Firebase through Homa Belly, you will automatically benefit from the following Firebase features:

  • Google Analytics: will track any analytics event you send through HomaBelly
  • Crashlytics: will gather information about crashes on your app to easily identify, debug and fix them
  • Push Notifications: you'll have the ability to send push notifications directly from Firebase Dashboard without further configuration

Integration Steps

Once the Firebase package has been added to your game's Homa Belly manifest (you have to update Homa Belly after), you only need to obtain the corresponding authorization files from Firebase Dashboard and place them under your Assets folder (it is important these files remain directly under this folder).

You can ask for these authorization files from your Publishing Manager.

  • For Android: google-services.json
  • For iOS: GoogleService-Info.plist

Enabling Push Notifications

To enable Push Notifications on your game, you should ask your Publish Manager to enable it in Homa Belly manifest. Once enabled, whenever you want to enable push notifications (ie, after level one), you should call:



  • Generation of the Firebase Android resource file google-services.xml from Assets/GoogleService-Info.plist failed

    It is a known bug of Firebase. It can be safely ignored and they are aware and working on a fix:

  • DllNotFoundException: Unable to load DLL ‘FirebaseCppApp-X.X.X’

    Homa Belly does not support direct calls to Firebase API. Especially, Firebase’s very heavy x86_64 plugin folder has been removed. That means that the in-editor Firebase implementation does not work.

    If you want to use Firebase functionalities that are not available through Hopma belly’s API, you have 2 workarounds for this:

    1. Wrap your calling code around #if !UNITY_EDITOR
    2. Import yourself in your project the missing x86_64 plugin folder.

    You can also ask Homa Game’s support team to integrate new functionalities that you believe would be beneficial to a majority of the SDK users.