Displaying Ads - Interstitials

Homa Belly does support the following Ad formats:

  • Rewarded video ads
  • Banners
  • Interstitials


Showing an Interstitial

In order to show an interstitial, call ShowInsterstitial

// Show interstitial

Multiple ad placement IDs

💡 This feature is only available from Homa Belly Core 1.6.2.

In order to add an additional placement ID to load, call LoadExtraInterstitial

// Load an extra interstitial

High Value Ads

If properly configured in Homa Lab, you’ll be able to use the High Value API.

High Value ads are just like regular ads, but have a different ad waterfall / ad network configurations. High value ads are usually shown when giving a bigger reward to the player.

// Loads a high value interstitial ad, will do nothing if no 
/// high value ad is configured in the manifest.
/// Requests to show a high value interstitial ad

An AdInfo holds :

  • A PlacementId : the “ad unit”, “placement id”, or identifier used by the mediator
  • An AdType : the type of ad (usually Banner, Interstitial or Rewarded)
  • An AdPlacementType : tells you where this ad placement is coming from

API Reference