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Homa Belly Settings

Settings can be accessed through Window > Homa Games > Homa Belly > Settings


Setting Description
Development Mode If enabled you will be able to see all logs of your game. Disable it before releasing to production. Notice: you won’t be able to push to the Google Play Store if this toggle is enabled. Be aware Apple App Store will let you publish a build with this flag, resulting in a misfunctional build
Disable Debug.Logs Homa Belly overrides Unity’s Debug class for production performance optimization. Disable this if you don’t want this optimization or you override Debug class on your own.
Default Analytics Enable default analytics to track Homa Belly ready to use events. Disable this is you are fully customizing your tracking events
Unity Editor
Editor Analytics Enable Editor Analytics to help Homa Games to better read and diagnose Homa Belly usage.
Data Privacy
Game Name Your game’s name that will be displayed in the GDPR screens
[iOS only] Privacy Popup Message

The iOS native popup message to request App Tracking Transparency permission to the user, allowing to collect IDFA.

For Chinese builds, set the message to: "Homa 或第三方合作伙伴或将收集相关数据用于 广告优化及分析目的"

GDPR & IDFA This settings are configured in your Homa Belly manifest from Homa Lab. You can Force Disable GDPR if you want to fully skip this flow. For example, for Chinese builds
Colors Colors to be applied to GDPR screens, buttons and texts