How to have the list of parameters of a game

Note: This feature is only available for Homa team

If you want to check the parameters of a game you have two possibilities:

  1. On the website / csv file (see point 1 below)
  2. In json format (see point 2 below)


  • the list of parameters which are display between the json format and the front/csv format is the same

  • The parameters from the json view (“Mock SDK Request” feature) have a prefix which comes before the name. For example:

    • Name of the parameters in the json view: b_enable_gdpr
    • Name of the parameters in the CSV / front web view: enable_gdpr
  • If there is a difference of value between the json format and the front/csv format. We should take the JSON into account

1. Have the list in the front web / CSV file

Capture d’écran 2022-11-16 à 17.11.46

You have the list of all the parameters in the selected scope.

To have the list in CSV format, you can click on the button “Export” next to the search bar in parameters to download the file.

Capture d’écran 2022-11-16 à 17.13.29

2. Have the list of parameters in json format

You can use the feature “Mock SDK Request

Data Description
App Select your game
Request type

Choose the criteria with which you want to download the parameters.

  • app build = default configuration saved in build in case payer is offline on first app open
  • first app open = base configuration fetched on first app open which replaces build config fully
  • every app open = override configuration which overrides parameters 0 or many parameter values from the first app open (by default 0)
  • local testing: choose the IP or the device to see the local test
Country Choose the country for which you want to download the parameters
OS Choose between Android or IOS

Once you have applied your choices, you can see the result on the right.

You can copy the text or share it with the “Copy URL” button.

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