How to read the results of a test

Table of Contents

  • CPI test
    • Hyper casual
    • Hybrid casual
  • Glossary

CPI test

Depending on the type of your game (hyper casual or hybrid casual), our expectations from the CPI tests differ.

For hyper casual, the goal is to reach:

  • CPI < $0.4
  • D1 retention > 35%
  • D3 retention > 15%

For hybrid casual, the goal is to reach:

  • CPI < $1.0
  • 5000s CPTD3
  • 20% game completion

If your prototype almost reaches these numbers, we might want to try some modifications to try to get there. So, there can be more than one CPI test.


CPI: Cost Per Install. Ad spend divided by the number of installs → This gives an indication of the cost of acquiring new users. The lower the better.

IPM: Installs Per Mille. Number of installs for 1000 impressions. → This tells us the number of installs driven by a 1000 impressions. This is a good indication of the performance of the ad creatives. The higher the better

CTR/SUR: Click-Through Rate/Swipe-Up Rate. Number of clicks or swipes divided by the number of impression. → Percentage of users who saw the ad and clicked/swiped on it. This helps evaluates the performance of an ad campaign. The higher the better.

CVR: Conversion Rate. Number of installs divided by the number of clicks. → Percentage of users who installed the app after having clicked on the ad. This is used to measure how well an ad converted users. The higher the better.