Ideas module lets game teams submit their ideas for a new game. This module helps to give a better understanding of the game idea by letting the user add references to support their idea and illuminate what exactly they have in mind.

You can do this by using the idea feed and idea creating that allows you to add images, videos, descriptions, tags and set the idea to public or private so you can work on the things that inspire you most with the peace of mind that they are for your eyes only. Private ideas are currently available only for the Homa team but we are working on this to make this available to anyone in the future.

You can browse through the catalog of ideas which is updated regularly with new ideas, find inspiration, share and discuss your ideas with publishing managers or your internal team.

It also allows users to view other users’ ideas, add them to their favourites and see what the most popular ideas are. It is possible for the Homa team to share their ideas with specific studios.

Over time, instead of having ideas distributed between Google Docs, Slack, Notion, and many other places, Ideas in Homa Lab will become a library of the past and present ideas you’ve worked on. This way, you’ll never lose track of an idea again and whenever you search for new ideas you’ll be able to easily see the freshest ones added, but also your catalog of oldies but goldies.

In the Ideas section we will be covering the how to use the Ideas section and also address commonly asked questions by users.