Iteration and acceleration


The iteration phase is an improved testing phase. The overall goal is to assess if the potential seen through testing can translate into a publishable game. We will work together (you + ad-hoc Homa team dedicated to your game) to optimize the game to make players play longer and consumes more ads.

The more important KPIs are RRD1, playtime and CPI. We also aim to have a first estimation of LTV after iteration phase so first elements of monetization and standard rewarded videos placement will be included in the game.


The acceleration phase is an iteration phase at scale (more users). The overall goal is to push the game to more users and confirm the good results of iteration while keep improving the game metrics. The ultimate goal for the game is to start being profitable.

The more important KPIs are RRD1, RRD7, playtime, CPI and LTV. We aim to have a more accurate estimation of LTV after acceleration phase so a strong focus of this phase is the implementation of monetization.