Launch a hit and operate

Launch a hit

During this phase, we will use all our means and energy to turn the game into a hit games with millions of users and also prepare the coming weeks to support the growth.

Usual KPIs remain relevant to extract as much value as possible from the game and track its evolution at large scale: RRD1, RRD7, playtime, CPI and LTV. Organics will also gain more importance as the game is hitting the charts and should normally be downloaded by more people for free.

The launch phase is mostly about profitability: we massively invest in user acquisition to have the game downloaded by millions of users so we expect to earn this money back and make profits that we will share together.


After the game is launched, it goes into a live ops phase where our team works with you to continue adding features, polish the overall gameplay, and start running live ops campaigns. This ensures the game is long lived and profitable, and that you can gain significantly from it over time.