Quality Idea Resources

Every hit game starts with a great idea! But what makes a great idea, and how do you come up with a good quality one?

Here are some useful articles that will help you get started!

Table of Contents

Ideation step-by-step

  1. Study the market and identify the trends.

  2. Turn the trend into a gameplay OR apply it to an already existing mechanic.

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  3. Spot underserved opportunities in the stores.
    Be mindful with copycats: always add value to the idea! Creativity in HC is about improving some of the game dimensions. When getting inspiration, finding your game pivot/ improvement is crucial.
  4. Lastly, compile references to submit to the ideation module. 😊


  • Study the market
  • Use your analysis findings to ideate
  • Don’t be afraid to use original references like sketches, drawings, game prototypes
  • Add your own twist to the gameplay
  • Don’t just clone an existing game
  • Don’t make your scope unachievable (you’re not making the next Fortnite)
  • Don’t be afraid to stand out

How to identify new trends

A new trend is a recent topic that gains a lot of traction and viewership in a small period of time, typically starting on social media (TikTok).

For instance, you can simply explore the discover button in the TikTok app to see trending hashtags, videos and audio. You can also begin to see game themes and game mechanics that are trending on the app stores by spending 10 minutes each day browsing the top 200 charts.

PRO TIP: Look for interest spikes and patterns each day. Do you see a particular content consistently rising? This could indicate a trend that is on the rise.

  • What are the common characteristics?
  • Can you take certain elements to create a new idea?
  • Can we merge two trending themes together?
  • Can you identify core elements to instantly gamify?
  • Explore new combinations: mechanics from other games to mix with your trend’s strength. You can check the our Build and Improve section of the Academy to find out more about the process of identifying mechanics that fit the genre and work well together. The examples inside the Academy display a wide range of options depending on the type.
  • Reverse mechanics, play with camera angles, try new controls.


Where to get inspired

If you feel like you’ve run out of inspiration or if you’re simply curious to know what the future might hold for the HC scene, you’ve come to the right place!

Combining market expertise and trend analysis, this page centralizes curated, up-to-date and ready-to-use inspiring content awaiting to be turned into Homa’s next big hit.

Here are sources of inspiration to get you started:

1) Hypercasual and Hybrid casual market

Get inspiration from what works best in the charts and unlock your creativity.

For more, check out concrete examples of games per genre within our Build and Improve section of the Academy.

2) Gaming

Gaming fuels hyper and hybrid casual gaming. Check out the latest gaming trends and get inspiration to create your next HC game.

3) Social media

More than ever, social media inspires people to create engaging content. Tap into an endless sources of creativity and make the best out of social trends to fuel HC ideation.

  • Tiktok - Highlight TikTok

Some useful TikTok accounts that inspire our Publishing Managers:   

Or, you can just type Hypercasual/ Hybridcasual on TT and you’ll find much more. 🙂

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Imgur
  • Reddit
  • 9GAG

4) News and entertainment

Entertainment and HC games go hand in hand. In both cases, people seek to have a fun, relaxing, and rewarding time. Find inspiration from the latest movie and press releases here.

  • Netflix
  • IMDb
  • Amazon Prime
  • Gaming news sites & industry trend reports (Sensor Tower / Appmagic etc.)

5) Life experiences

Taking experiences from real world events and careers is an almost endless sources of inspiration. From taking charge of a smoothy bar creating wonderful drinks, to delivering parcels as your local express driver, there’s typically a way to gamify these relatable activities.

Take a step back, look around you, and get inspired!