Subscriptions with Base Plans - Google Play

How can I use Base Plans with Homa Belly Purchases?

Recently, Google changed how the subscription system works and introduced Base plans for subscriptions.

Unfortunately, as it stands, Homa Belly Purchases does not support the use of multiple base plans. However, we do have the option to add one base plan to a subscription and make use of it.

Here is how you can use subscriptions with Homa Belly Purchases:

There are 3 parts when it comes to using a subscription with Homa Belly Purchases.

  1. Google Play Console Configurations
  2. Revenue Cat Configurations
  3. Homa Belly Configurations

Google Play Console Configurations

  • Navigate to the Google Play Console.
  • Under Products, click on Subscriptions.
  • Click on Create Subscriptions Button.

  • Enter the Product ID. (You will need to use this ID later in Unity).
  • Enter a name for the subscription.
  • Click the "Create" button.

  • Now, you will need to add a base plan for your subscription to function.
Note: Since HomaBelly Purchases does not support multiple base plans, do not add more than one base plan. If you want to create different subscription versions, please create a new subscription.
  • Configure your base plan by entering a Base plan ID, setting the type, and configuring other necessary settings such as the billing period.
  • Set the price for your subscription below.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, click Save.
  • After clicking Save, your base plan will be saved as a draft. Make sure to click the Activate button to Activate the base plan.

Revenue Cat Configurations

  • For the next step go to the Revenue Cat dashboard.
  • Select your project from the Projects Tab.
  • Click Products under the Products and pricing section.
  • And click +New button to add our subscription as a product.

  • Enter a Display Name.
  • Select Subscription.
  • Enter your Product ID from Google play console.
  • Enter your Base Plan Id from Google play console.
  • Make sure to select the option for Backwards compatible.
  • Click Create Product.

Note: Selecting the "Backwards compatible" option is crucial for retrieving subscription information in your app.

HomaBelly Configurations

  • In Unity go to Window > Homa Games > Homa Belly > Purchases.
  • In the Catalog, click the + button and add your subscription by using its Product ID as both the Product ID and Product SKU.
  • Make sure to select SUBSCRIPTION as the Product Type.

Everything is set up on the Purchase Catalog. Now you can easily access your products with HomaBelly.

Important Note:

Since you are now using base plans you have to identify the base plan you are using inside your code.

For example:


BasePlan Id: monthvip

So in order to make a purchase your code should be like the following:


Note that you have to use ":" between subscriptionId and BasePlanId.


Google's introduction of Base plans for subscriptions has necessitated some changes in how subscriptions are managed with Homa Belly Purchases. Although Homa Belly Purchases does not currently support using multiple base plans, it can accommodate one base plan per subscription. 


  1. Does Homa Belly Purchases support multiple base plans? No, currently, Homa Belly Purchases only supports one base plan per subscription.

  2. What should I do if I want to create different subscription versions? If you want to create different subscription versions, you should create a new subscription for each version, as Homa Belly Purchases does not support multiple base plans for a single subscription.