Support we bring

At Homa, we value trust, long-term partnerships. We will work with you towards publishing multiple hits. We will be an extension of your team and share our knowledge and expertise. With Homa, you will have access to all the latest trends, niches and statistics you need to make sure you’re building games that will be played by millions.

Publishing a game requires a substantial amount of effort, money and skills. We will do our best to provide these three elements to you and turn your prototype into a hit game played by dozens of millions of people. We will extensively support you through all steps from testing to sunset.

While working on a potential hit, Homa will provide you with everything you need:

  • A squad team consisting of a Publishing manager, Motion Designer, Game Designer, UAM Manager and a Mobile Engineer.
  • Tech tools and mindset → our in-house tech tools:
    • Homa Lab: Our testing automation tool
    • Homa Belly: Our SDK wrapper
    • Geryon: Our A/B test tool
  • Data-driven decision making process
  • Creativity at Heart:

    • Team of creative marketing artists dedicated solely to making ads specifically for your game
    • Dedicated market analysts to identify the latest trends worldwide, on multiple Networks
    • A/B testing on ads, making creative data-driven concepts to continually drive the CPI down