Unity iOS - Cocoapods not building/archiving with XCode 14.3

Solution: update cocoapods to 1.12.1+

If you are using XCode 14.3 and your build or archive process is failing with an error similar to this:
The following build commands failed:
PhaseScriptExecution [CP]\ Embed\ Pods\ Frameworks

It's a known compatibility issue from cocoapods and XCode 14.3


cocoapods released a fix on its version 1.12.1. Updating cocoapods to this version should fix the issue

$ sudo gem install cocoapods

For Mac M1 chipset: if you are not able to update cocoapods, do

$ sudo gem uninstall ffi && sudo gem install ffi -- --enable-libffi-alloc
$ sudo gem install cocoapods

Another fix provided by our developers:

$ sudo gem uninstall cocoapods
$ brew install cocoapods

Make sure cocoapods is 1.12.1:

$ pods --version