Homa Belly Core v1.9.5+ migration guide


  1. ⬇️ Download latest Homa Belly Installer (v2.0.1+) from Homa Lab and import it into your project: Homa Belly Installer v2.0.1
  2. ⬇️ Make sure your External Dependency Resolver version is 1.2.177 or higher. If not, download and import it from here
  3. 🔃 Refresh Homa Belly Packages. You will automatically get Homa Belly Core v1.9.5 or higher.
  4. 🔂 Activate Custom Gradle Templates build pipeline through the following settings in Unity > Player Settings > Android > Publishing Settings:

    • Custom Main Gradle Template
    • Custom Gradle Properties Template

  5. 🆗 You are done. New Data Privacy will be automatically configured in your game
    Captura de pantalla 2023-09-13 a las 16.03.45
  6. Make sure you do not have leftover libraries in Assets/Plugins/Android, looking similar to the screenshot


If you are experiencing compiler/import errors, refresh packages from clean:

  1. Go to Window > Homa Games > Homa Belly > Delete All Packages
  2. Install packages with your game token from scratch