How to prepare my game for testing

After you submit your game, it's essential to ensure it's fully prepared for a test launch. This includes:

  1. Meeting all the setup checks
  2. Uploading creatives for the test according to guidelines (the amount may vary depending on the test type)

App setup and OS checks

Homa Lab verifies if your game meets all the necessary criteria for test launch. The goal is to have all the checks marked with a successful status shown in green. If something is missing, follow the guidelines and provide the necessary information. The platform will rerun the checks for success.

→ For detailed instructions on finding credentials, refer to our Submissions credentials guide.

→ For detailed instructions on how to have all checks checked in green, refer to our App & OS Setup guide.

→ For detailed instructions on how to complete the Facebook set up and platform checks, refer to our How to add Android platform to Facebook app guide for Android, and How to add iOS platform to Facebook app guide for iOS.


To launch a test, prepare 6-8 creatives meeting specific requirements. Once you have your creatives, simply drag and drop or upload your creatives in the Testing tab under your upcoming test. Your Publishing Manager will verify them for you.

→ For detailed guidelines on creatives refer to our guide on Creative Requirements for Submissions.

Homa Academy Submissions

If you are a Homa Academy studio, please ensure you meet the following test requirements:

  • Creatives: You are required to provide 3-4 creatives.
  • Format: The format for creatives is 800x1000 pixels.
  • Duration: The duration of each creative should be between 15 to 30 seconds.